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ReEnergiX energy storage system is comprised of two system components: an energy unit and a power unit. Our VRFB is an electrochemical battery using the vanadium connections in a liquid electrolyte as the active material for storing energy. The vanadium electrolyte is found in the tanks of the energy unit and is pumped from there through the cells stacks. Electrochemical reactions cause electrons to move between the vanadium ions at different charging states. This causes chemical energy to be converted to electrical energy (discharge) or electrical energy to be converted to chemical energy (charge). Other components of ReEnergiX system include the battery management system (BMS), the temperature management system as well as pumps and sensors which guarantee that the DC energy storage system operates safely and reliably.


ReEnergiX system is safe, non-combustible, and its positove and negative sides never wears out. At the end of project life, the electrolyte can be reused in another battery, or recycled; and the other components can be recycled as well. 


Unlike some other types of batteries, ReEnergiX energy storage system operates under normal temperature and pressure without safety hazards. The water-based vanadium electrolyte is not flammable or explosive, and its temperature does not exceed 70°C even in the extreme environment.


ReEnergiX energy storage system has a long cycle life of over 25 years, meaning that the battery can be charged and discharged over 20,000 times without losing its capacity. Deep cycles will not hurt the battery. The electrolyte can be fully recycled at end of project lifetime.


VRFBs are economically effective for various applications. Their key advantages include their scalability, long cycle life, rapid response time, and high efficiency, which make them attractive for grid-scale energy storage applications.


The unit investment cost decreases along with the growing length of energy storage. 100% depth of discharge with no degradation yields low LCOE. LCOE is a measure of the average net present cost of electricity generation over its lifetime.


ReEnergiX system is suitable for 4 - 12 hours medium and long-term energy storage. Its decoupling design of power unit and energy unit makes the system easy to expand and upgrade. Each power module can be combined with almost any volume of electrolyte.

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