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Our mighty commitments to sustainability

ReEnergiX believes our VRFBs will be widely used to stabilize the power grids and unlock the full potential of renewables. Our ambition is to create a unique networked ecosystem providing solution combines hardware and software integrated green transformation into one offering that provides reliability and ease of use for global clients.


Transforming the green economy

ReEnergiX aims to contribute to society through the Geen Transformation. The Company was founded to build utility-grade energy storage that delivers renewable power on demand.

ReEnergiX designs, develops, and manufactures products in Japan, which enables us to provide a high level of supply chain security and serve as a trusted partner to government agency and large corporation clients, and it reflects the best of Japanese innovation, trustworthiness, and craftsmanship.



Representative Director

Imtiaz T. Ladak

Imitiaz has over 30 years of experience in leading global investments and public affairs. Prior to Soradynamics, Imtiaz worked with a leading international law firm where he focused on international trade and investment matters. He received his J.D. from the Cornell University School of Law. 

Director & CTO

Kunio Yoshikawa

Dr. Yoshikawa is a professor emeritus and researcher of Tokyo Institute of Technology and an associate editor of Applied Energy Journal. His major fields are energy conversion, waste management and environmental engineering. He has published more than 200 journal papers with the major award of AIAA Best Paper Award, ASME James Harry Potter Gold Medal, JSME Environmental Technology Achievement Award and Best Educator Award of Tokyo Institute of Technology. 

Director & COO

Kimiaki Yamaguchi

Kimiaki has over 40 years of experience in M&A, financial service, and business operation. He is serving as Board-level senior executives with multiple listed companies. Prior to that, Kimiaki served as representative executive officer of Tokyo Star Bank. He earned his MBA from Jack Welch Management Institute.  


ReEnergiX energy storage system is deployed into a wide range of applications where incumbent lithium-ion technology is not suitable due to life cycle, safety or end-of-life disposal concerns. These use cases mainly include Renewable Energy Integration, Utility Optimization, and Microgrid.

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